How it works

Suitable for all wounds and all wound conditions 1

Necrotic Wounds

Necrotic material can delay healing & promote infection.

Infected Wounds

Bacteria may impede healing exacerbate pain and cause malodour.

Sloughy Wounds

Yellow slough and necrotic material can delay healing & promote infection. Risk of maceration in exuding wounds.

Granulating Wounds

Granulation tissue can be fragile and needs protecting.


Effective against common wound pathogens

Including MRSA & Pseudomonassup2,7,8 (Van den Plas 2012, De Smet 2009, Vandenbulke 2006)

Prevents Biofilm Formation5

(Cooper 2013)

Non-Cytotoxic2, 8

(De Smet 2009, Vandenbulke 2006)

Flaminal encourages rapid healing with less scarring9, 10

Table 1

The chart shows a comparative analysis of healing rates in deep partial thickness burn injuries. It has been demonstrated that burn wounds which heal in less than 21 days have less risk of developing hypertrophic scars and contractures.9,10

How to use Flaminal

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