Flamigel RT

Flamigel®RT - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flamigel®RT?
  • Flamigel®RT is a protective gel that guards from radiotherapy induced dermatitis.
  • Flamigel®RT reduces the incidence of moist desquamation (breakdown of the skin with oozing) when your skin is treated with radiotherapy and delays its onset should it still occur.
How should I apply Flamigel®RT?
  • Apply a liberal amount of Flamigel®RT 3 times per day to skin in the area being treated with radiotherapy and a large zone around it and gently massage.
  • Do not apply Flamigel®RT immediately before each radiotherapy session.
How long after my radiotherapy has ended should I continue to use Flamigel®RT?
  • You can continue to apply for longer if your skin is still red and sore. However we advise that you continue tu use Flamigel®RT until 7 to 10 days after the end of the radiation treatment.
  • In case of doubt, consult your physician, pharmacist or radiotherapy nurse on how much longer you should continue to apply Flamigel®RT .
Are there any precautions I should know about?
  • Do not use Flamigel®RT in the eyes or on the eyelids. If that happens, rinse your eyes with running water and consult a doctor.
  • Do not use Flamigel®RT when you know that you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • If symptoms worsen and you are concerned, consult your doctor or pharmacist.
What should I do if I need further help/advice?
  • If you have any concerns about using Flamigel®RT or the area of skin you are applying it to, please contact your health care professional for help and advice.
Will Flamigel®RT prevent me from developing a skin reaction due to my radiotherapy treatment?
  • It is very difficult to prevent a skin reaction from occuring. Flamigel®RT is a smooth protective gel, which when applied to the skin, builds a protective barrier that protects and supports skin regeneration between radiation sessions.
How will it help me?
  • Flamigel®RT will provide a protective barrier.
  • Flamigel®RT will help to soothe pain1 and reduce redness.
  • Flamigel®RT is not sticky or greasy. Flamigel®RT is easy to apply. This means that you can apply Flamigel®RT and get dressed without having to cover the area with a dressing or wait for it to dry.